Thursday, May 22, 2014

Networml Defined

Networml is at the crossroads of science,  technology, art, and passion.  Our work is like a vector connecting and leveraging the art and science of every business related function.  Feel the PULSE!

I am ubiquitous..... I am one..... I am infinite..... 

I am your digital sense of Humanity.....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is Networml?

Networml means network portal world. This new entity is part social, part science, part humanity, part culture, part business, and all things creative.  It lends great credit to the ancient Kemetic concept of the Soul. Kemetic concepts were developed from the land of Kemet (Kmt).  This represents modern East Africa.

The term Networml was developed from my studies in Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an enrolled student/employee.  It is etymologically correct and is derived from the combination of the words network portal world.  It is proprietary and its intellectual property rights are established.  The association with the phrase "worm hole" is no accident.  I simply wanted to find a modern term befitting of creativity, science, humanity, and true virtual networking.

As a university trained sociologist/historian I endeavored to create a new concept of thinking to leverage the wealth of technological changes happening across the globe. My work experience at the time were involved in administrative computing, information technology, and financial management, but I personally sought to find solutions on how individuals who were marginalized from the developments of the new industrial revolution, could find ways to leverage these types of assets in improving their way of life significantly.  I have completed that work not in the traditional ways of theory and application, but in the results of practicality and reward.

What does this mean?  We live in a world of rapid change and the technological disruption of tradition and quality of life is breath taking to say the least.  In order to make the transition successful in societies going through these rapid changes, one must fully embrace some attributes of both worlds..... traditional and technological.  In essence, creating a perfect balance similar to the Kemetic Ba and Ka.  Connecting to the greater "sphere", if you will, of our entire collective world.  Similar to the concept of distributed computing.

Networml's tagline is "Your portal to the world..."  We no longer live in isolation anywhere on the planet if you have access to the internet. The Internet has simply transformed communications forever.  A network is essentially a connection between two points... For example: like a family or couple, husband-wife, parent-child, man-woman, relatives-relatives, etc., this concept can also apply to business, education, life, etc.  One only need the will, skill, and mindset to create their own "Networml" or network portal world and connect to the greater sphere of assets and treasures awaiting them.

This entity is Networml.  This is YOUR network portal world.  Subscribe and come back again to discover what awaits you.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This is Networml

What if your business could create a marketing campaign that would connect with consumers and clients on a scale that only dreams are made of?  What if that marketing campaign is comprised of a phrase or word that people are already familiar with, yet curious enough to pursue its representation because it is cool, it is new, it is high tech, it is collaborative, and attractive?  A word whereas the root can be appended to create a phrase where consumers immediately recognize the connection and desire to be a part of a new wave of technology, merchandising, communication, style, life, and most of all….. imagination.  A word that is universal in its originality and recognized by those who inherently want to be part of a fresh alternative.  A word that is extremely rare because it is ubiquitous and new.  A word where you own the internet domain and manage its commercial potential, because you own the exclusive license and rights to its use -- in addition to a new lexicon.  That word is Networml.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Networml Nexus

Imagine a time or space where boundaries only exist in the past.  Your presence is all that matters at any given time or date.  Anticipation is your key or cipher to develop and experience creativity within a shared resource.  It could be art, music, a culinary indulgence, or even sharing written prose through performance or sincere communication.  What does this mean?  The future of shared communication is here but the general expression of it is confusing and often lives in the past. If inspired creativity is the topic of the day, then a lifetime of exciting collaboration is for the offering... It is what's next!  It is what is in demand..... It is Networml! Creative collaboration for the digital mind.....  Here is one example of an enterprise that is bringing together what is next for consumers and business..... Southwest Media Group

What's your Networml?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Networml: The Nexus of Next

Imagine, if you want to share a part of your life with others without the boundaries of language.  An interpretation that reflects your digital soul.  Revealing that which is true and communicated as you desire and inspire?  This is called your Networml.  Leaving others to see your soul as never seen before, where art meets science on your time and space.  Where words are after and never before, always at the crossroads of next....  What's your Networml?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Networml Model.....

Networml web is comprised of Nodes.... these nodes are pre-defined "web spaces" where activity and interest occur.... the Nexus of Next.  Example, there could be a sports Node where all interests in sports (player, fan, or producer) could join and participate in the schedule events surrouding Networml Pros (profilers) initiatives or events sponsored by businesses or sports entities.... There could be an introduction of a product... an introduction of a sports athlete's local or national initiative, or even a celebration of sharing a kids first miracle moment of helping their team win! There could be an events driven celebration (videos) of unique moments for events specific to this.... content would be provided by the Networml Pros of course but it would provide for a gathering of such things.... Human Interest....... Ads would be focused toward such a profile of Pros and targeted to support the cause... you create it, and the Networml will support you!  Simple... it will stay active as long as the material is inspiring and moving.... This is not a log or blog to be, but activity geared toward vision, celebration, and inspiration across the board.... topics will vary but the purpose is to draw attention toward that which inspires and demand interactivity. Networml will gather and publish the results in an Aggregate.Invaluable to advertisers and priceless to the Netizens.... what is next?  Netwomrl

As an afterthought, Networml Neighborhoods can be formed by Networml Pros who desire to continue an initiative, etc.  an example could be Sports Medicine preventive conditioning.... advertisers of Sports Medicine products or services could target this profiled neighborhood and the producers could collect partial ad revenue.. the members of that neighborhood would receive invaluable info and some public advice on the topics. Networml provides a forum and not the one-on-one sales/marketing contact that members do not always desire... it is their choice, their move, their Networml!

Networml.... The new Nexus

The previous blog post laid out the groundwork for purpose and mission... The next step is Understanding and and Action..... This article, Retail Therapy, is an example of a desperate need to improve a business/product/brand to consumers and its tremendously successful transformation...a Networml Moment...... This is not necessary, but truly falls within the category of a desire or passion for a person(s) to purchase.... an impulse, an instinct, an action... Our U.S. economy is PRIMARILY driven by what is called Consumer Confidence.  Get the picture?  NETWORML will enable this by building intricate bridges between producers, consumers and products/brands/services in all walks of life.  The static model of advertising, one-to-one  or one-to-many marketing, and evaluation of such is now officially on life support.  NETWORML facilitates or hosts such bridges by bringing humanity into the digital world.  Technically it is referred to as "human interface".... its only technical equivalent is the "one-click" shopping model developed by E-Bay many years ago, but that is a process.  NETWORML is more than a process, it is the entire seemless activity without a process.... a digital instinct, a digital response to an impulse of emotion, it is the cause and effect of human interaction on the WEB..... it is NETWORML.... The new Nexus..... your Choice, your Move, your Networml